Shri Sundar Iyer Speaks for the first time at CasteCon23!

If you want to understand whats wrong with this 'Caste Discrimination' trope and Bill - JUst listen to what Californias Civil Rights Department did to Sundar Iyer - in his own words. This is his first public statement, delivered at CasteCon23, because the State apparatus itself had decided that his voice was not worthy of being heard. If you want genuinely want to understand State oppression, just watch this video. If you genuinely want to understand the hatred fuelling the victimhood extortion of the pseudo 'Dalit activists' such as Equality Labs, watch this.

CasteCon23 Smt Anjalee Swami unpicks the real actors behind SB403 ..

A non-descript junior Democrat legislator Aisha Wahab suddenly becomes powerful, influential and introduces a flurry of bills inclusing one particularly harmful to Hindus ... how does this happen? Watch and find out whose pulling her strings, paying the bills and w

Shri Ajay Shah - HinduPact - The Divisive Impact of SB403

Text to follow

Suzanne Bernert - "The West doesnt want a prosperous India ..

and so superimposes stereotypes onto Hindus"

Text to come ..

Shri Razib Khan

"The whole Caste is nothing to do with Hindus - what is going on here is about American Culture wars, its to do with Race and how the American Establishment are trying to slot Hindus into their Race debate"

Dr David Frawley

This is not new, its the same unpleasant hatred for the Hindus which I have been responding to for decades now, in a new bottle. Its critical that Hindus address this issue, there is no other choice, otherwise the denigration and vilification will continue and all of our children, Hindu and non-Hindu will suffer great harm.'

The Lie behind hereditary Caste being Hindu ..

When the SB430 equivalent was floated in Great Britain the HIndu community came together to deconstruct and defeat this veiled Hinduphobia. What could be more Hindu and less Casteist than a Glaswegian Brahmin?

Sri Gauri Das, Pujari of BhaktiVedanta Mandir, UK spells it out.

Caste & Confirmation Bias by Winfrey & Wilkerson

Pt Satish K Sharma talks to the Coalition of Hindus of North America on how Isabel and Oprah have harmed Hindus by their support for the Colonialist trope of "The Hindu Caste System".

Now in California - the attempt to stigmatise American Hindus, tarring them all with the Colonial Caste slur has take on a new dimension, one which makes it clear that human rights and Constitutional freedoms are not available as a Right, for American Hindus.

In 2013, similar "Victimhood Extortion Activists" failed to seed Caste hatred in Great Britain - a decade later in California ..

.. the same scam has appeared. A group driven by anti-Hinduphobic extortionists launched a project to try and vilify American Hindus so that they could then secure funds to 'fix the Hindus'. When the truth of the matter was revealed, the British Government responded by suspending the 'discrimination masquerading as human rights' legislation - here's what Karolina Goswamis investigation revealed - the similarities to the California scam are astounding.

Why a Caste Conference?

The 'Human Rights Activists" have been shouting about Caste,
the Politicians have been making pronouncements about Caste,
the Lawyers have been making judgements about Caste,
the Journalists have been writing reams about Caste,
the Teachers have been Teaching about Caste ..
the only voice which has been denied a platform,
a group which has not even been consulted,
are California's American Hindu citizens,
the very people who this legislation targets.

That's about to change. Join us.

Thank You

for visiting...

Our community is a law abiding community with the lowest levels of recorded criminality, the highest per capita taxation contributions - and yet we are being targetted for profiling and stigmatisation. Our coming together at this conference will allow us to ensure that the efforts to simultaneously silence us and vilify us are unsuccessful.

We look forward to you joining us in-person on the day or online and thank you for registering. If you feel inclined to support the efforts of our team with a small contribution towards the cost of the conference, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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